There are many advantages to the rectal administration of cannabis oil not afforded by other routes. Once inserted, the capsule dissolves and is absorbed into the bloodstream through the thin lining of the intestinal wall. MR10P / CO210R & MR10PDCA rectal cannabis suppositories are incredibly bioavailable – meaning they’re easy for the body to use. Unlike other forms of medical cannabis, rectal suppositories don’t make users “high”, so your mind will still feel clear and sharp. The effects of rectal cannabis can last for up to eight hours without re-administration.

In the case of THC, the liver transforms around half of what is ingested into the significantly more psychoactive metabolite 11-Hydroxy- 9-tetrahydrocannabinol. This molecule causes much more intense cognitive effects than THC. One of the primary reasons our cannabis oil cancer treatment suppositories are so popular with our members is because our rectal nighttime suppositories significantly diminish the side effects of delta-9-THC, mainly that notorious “high” feeling. This increase in overall efficiency is also shown in the different levels of bioavailability that different administration routes afford, as seen in the graph below. The rectal administration also allows for the medicine to exert effects over localized ailments (e.g. hemorrhoidal tissue, inflammation of the rectum, or tumours in the rectal cavity). This form of use has a much faster uptake than oral administration (around 10 minutes, on average) and leads to more consistent blood concentrations of the active constituents. The speed and reliability of their uptake combined with their circumvention of the issues surrounding both ingestion and inhalation, make rectal applications an excellent addition to both new and pre-existing therapeutic regimens.

When designing a personalized treatment protocol, it is important to know the various timings involved with a given administration route. With MR-Series rectal administration, most people will begin to notice initial effects within the first 10-15 minutes after insertion. These effects usually last for between 4-8 hours, depending on the individual’s physiology and tolerance to cannabis oil. This swift increase in effect allows for acute dosing in many cases, although this depends both on the situation and on specific individual needs. There are several issues that can slow absorption from the rectum to the bloodstream. Diarrhea and fecal matter can slow or prevent the active ingredients from reaching the rectal wall and being absorbed. Tumours or cysts on the rectal wall can also slow or prevent absorption. In this case, less medicine would reach the blood, but as the tumours are likely the intended target(s) of the rectal administration, the direct delivery of the active constituents may help prevent an overall reduction in efficacy. Finally, rectal dehydration can drastically reduce the effectiveness of treatments. Staying well hydrated by maintaining a healthy consumption of both water and electrolytes should prevent this in most cases, but specific medical conditions may cause it as well, in which case the solution may not be as simple. As always, if there are concerns, a medical professional should be consulted.



10-25% efficiency, highly variable, depends largely on the individual’s level of experience


around 20% efficiency, highly variable, even between doses within a single individual


around 50-70% efficiency, with predictable effects even between different individuals


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