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Typically, Medicinal CBD & THC is sold in oil form. To take a dose, you typically use a dropper to administer it directly into your mouth or add it to food or drinks. CBD International gummies are chewable, gelatin-based treatments that have been carefully infused with THC & CBD oil. Instead of having to use a dropper, you can just pop a gummy and go about your day. Just like you would take a gummy vitamin to get your daily dose of vitamins, CBD International gummies give you a daily dose of pain relief in an easy and discrete method. Plus, they are delicious! They taste just like your favorite gummy candy, but they are also infused with a powerhouse substance that can help relieve your pain and bring balance back to your body.

We offer a Full-spectrum gummies. Full-spectrum means that the treatment includes a wide variety of beneficial plant properties over and above CBD & THC alone, including terpenes, cannabinoids, chlorophyll, and more. Researchers believe that full-spectrum treatments may offer more health benefits than just CBD due to the interactions of the plant compounds.


CBD International gummies are being utilized by consumers who are seeking relief for chronic and acute pain, but another benefit is that our gummies also taste great and are easy to take. CBD oil can be a hassle to administer. Measuring your dose in a dropper can be tricky. You may not always count the number of drops correctly, and there is a potential for spillage. Getting an incorrect dose can affect your results, and when you are dealing with pain, this is far from ideal. When you use CBD International gummies, you are guaranteed to get the same dose each time.

Secondly, taking CBD International gummies eliminates the taste of CBD & THC oil. While many users do not seem to mind the taste of CBD or THC oil, others describe it as highly unpleasant. Instead, our gummies taste delicious.

Our treatments are available in weekly and monthly options.


When users smoke marijuana, they inhale the cannabis through their lungs, after which it works its way through the bloodstream and travels to the brain and the rest of the body to provide relief. In contrast, medical marijuana edibles get directly ingested, digested and metabolized to offer a different level and different type of effect and relief. When you take cannabis orally, it travels through your digestive system and gets broken down in the stomach, after which your intestines absorb the THC and release it into your bloodstream.

Because each person will metabolize the cannabis differently, and both the digestive system and the liver process the cannabinoids before they make their way into the bloodstream, edibles can have different effects on different people. Typically, however, they take much longer to go into effect than smoking marijuana does — about half an hour to up to two hours— but the relief they provide is more potent and longer-lasting. When you eat cannabis as opposed to inhaling it, it converts into a different type of substance within your liver that provides effects twice as strong and long-lasting. An edible marijuana high, produced by your digestive system and liver metabolizing different parts of the THC, provides much stronger psychedelic and relief effects than the relief a patient might experience from a joint or pipe, and the effects can even last up to 12 hours or longer. For this reason, it is important to regulate your edible dosage carefully or as directed by a doctor, beginning with a small portion of about two to five milligrams and waiting for an hour before taking any more.


Providing pain relief and relaxation, cannabis edibles are a helpful, discomfort-free choice for medical patients suffering from a variety of conditions. Some of the benefits of marijuana edibles include:

  • Pain relief for patients suffering from injuries, chronic pain, and uncomfortable side effects of health problems
  • Increased cell growth and interaction to help chronic diseases, migraines, and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Antioxidant properties to protect against damage and disease from free radicals
  • No exposure to the carcinogens and chemicals involved in smoking methods
  • Essential oil contents to promote body health, produce anti-inflammatory properties and strengthen the nervous system
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content to help repair damaged tissue
  • Digestive health promotion
  • Pressure relief for glaucoma patients and promotion of better overall eye health
  • Epileptic seizure reduction
  • Cancer prevention and possibly even cancer treatment through antioxidant properties and compounds
  • Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease through enzyme blocking
  • Protection from brain damage
  • Anxiety prevention, depression treatment and mood-boosting qualities
  • Better sleep quality
  • Reduction of chemotherapy side effects like vomiting, nausea, and appetite loss
  • Prevention of throat and mouth damage caused by smoking marijuana methods


Medical marijuana edibles are beneficial for treating and easing pain across a variety of chronic mental and physical conditions. The edible method is especially popular with children and elderly patients because it does not require any inhalation, provides no potential damage to the lungs, is easier to take if they suffer from breathing difficulties or lung conditions and provides a different type of medically induced “high” that many patients find more agreeable than that acquired through smoking. Rather than directly hitting the brain with their effects, cannabis edibles provide a more balanced “body” high to target various areas and trigger a sedative, especially relaxing effect to alleviate pain and reduce different types of suffering. Medical marijuana physicians prescribe edibles to treat pain and provide relief for a variety of different conditions, including:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Liver and digestive conditions
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Cancer and chemotherapy
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic pain
  • Autoimmune disorders


Before you incorporate marijuana edibles into your medical treatment plan, you probably want to gauge the potential health risks of consuming cannabis-infused foods, snacks, drinks, and substances. Eating medical marijuana edibles is safe, cannot cause long-term toxicity and does not expose you to harmful chemicals of any kind. However, it is important to be aware there are currently no regulations in place regarding the dosage, health and safety conditions or compliance, sourcing and quality of cannabis edibles.

To avoid consuming too much cannabis at once or being exposed to any contaminants in marijuana edibles, make sure you purchase them from a trusted, lab-tested source. Also, pay special attention to the marijuana dosage in your edibles and take them in moderation. Also, be aware eating marijuana edibles, like any other consumption or exposure to weed, can cause the following short-term effects that may or may not change or become less noticeable as you build tolerance.

  • Consuming too much cannabis at once can lead to increased anxiety and even paranoia, which will pass with time and become less likely as you build your tolerance — if persistent, however, reduce your edible dosage.
  • Dry mouth may occur when consuming cannabis edibles, so take care to hydrate adequately when you medicate with marijuana edibles.
  • Drowsiness tends to occur because of marijuana’s relaxing qualities, which can help patients rest and decompress — if you are consistently excessively lazy and sleepy, however, you may want to reduce your dosage, although this could also be a side effect of your medical condition.


Through our unique integrative programs, we are able to provide consultation services for our patients. Your satisfaction is important to us, so we provide electronic communication in your native language with the help of in-house translation professionals. In order to provide the best overall experience, communication is just the start of it all.