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7 benefits of CBD oil that help cancer patients

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Cannabis oil for cancer treatment has been recognized as an extremely important tool in the fight against cancer. Patients have discovered many benefits of CBD and hemp oil for cancer. In this article we are looking at some benefits of drinking hemp oil and the many uses of CBD oil for cancer patients.

Here are 10 benefits of CBD oil that cancer patients receive.

Safe to use along chemotherapy

Anyone with cancer knows how many restrictions come with undergoing chemotherapy. Fortunately, CBD oil and synthetic CBDs like dronabinol have been allowed to be used during chemotherapy.

No side-effects

Unlike chemotherapy and traditional allopathic medication, CBD oil and hemp oil for cancer have little to no side-effects on the body and are safe to use. Cannabis oils for cancer treatment also do not affect the nervous system so you don’t get the feeling of the high (associated with high concentrations of THC).

Inhibiting tumour growth

Researchers in 2016 found that cannabinoids help inhibit tumour growth. Extensive tests have found that CBD slows and can halt tumour growth. (Transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviours in a rat model of arthritis; Eur J Pain, 2016)

Pain management

Managing pain and pain relief are some of the biggest reasons why cancer patients use CBD oils for cancer. A strong correlation has been shown between neuropathic pain relief and THC. In the right doses, THC can be harnessed to dramatically reduce pain without having any psychoactive effects

Alleviating pain

More than pain management, CBD oils can alleviate pain. This benefit is not limited to only cancer patients but all those who are suffering from other conditions.

Reducing nausea

CBD oils, particularly those infused with terpenes and THC have proven extremely effective at reducing nausea. Patients report far lower instances of vomiting after they started CBD oil, especially after a round of chemotherapy.

Stimulating appetite

In addition to the feeling of betterment, CBD oil for cancer restores quality of life by stimulating appetite. Too many cancer patients suffer from eating disorders, prime of which is anorexia. CBD oil helps stimulate appetite, whether or not chemotherapy treatment is active.

Latest cancer research on the benefits of CBD oil

“In cancer patients, cannabinoids have primarily been used as a part of palliative care to alleviate pain, relieve nausea and stimulate appetite. In addition, numerous cell culture and animal studies showed antitumor effects of cannabinoids in various cancer types.” – (Cannabinoids in cancer treatment: Therapeutic potential and legislation; Bosn J Basic Med Sci, 2019)

“In vitro studies consistently demonstrated tumor growth-inhibiting effects with CBD, THC, and synthetic derivatives. Synergistic treatment effects have been shown in two studies with the combination of CBD/synthetic cannabinoid receptor ligands and chemotherapy in xenograft and genetically modified spontaneous pancreatic cancer models.” (Potential Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer; J Pancreat Cancer, 2019)

Getting the right dose of CBD and THC in your oil

The active ingredient in any medicine varies by manufacturer. That’s why doctors tend to advise buying generic drugs and recommend recognized name brands. The same is true of CBD oils for cancer too. Not all are created the same. In fact, to make sure you are receiving the stated amount of CBD of THC (and in the right proportion), purchase CBD products only from known and trusted brands.