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CBD oil for inflammation: Benefits, effectiveness, dosage

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Inflammation is a natural bodily response to injury, illness and infection. It is caused by a wave of antibodies being dispatched to the affected area to defend against attack; increased blood flow accelerates healing too. While acute inflammation, caused by injury or infection, can protect the body, chronic inflammation can be detrimental.

Chronic inflammation is a situation where the inflammatory response of the body goes into overdrive because of a prolonged illness. Instead of helping heal, swelling actually damages healthy tissue, causes pain and discomfort. People suffering from autoimmune disorders, prolonged infection, asthma, diabetes and cancer face a constant struggle to keep inflammation in check.

For the longest time strong medication has been prescribed to try and reduce swelling in the body. Unsurprisingly, it causes its own side physiological and psychological side effects. That’s where CBD oil for inflammation has been such a breakthrough. Patients are finding CBD oil helps reduce inflammation across the body, improves quality of life – all without side effects!

Best of all, a plant-derived compound it has no psychological effects and avoids the animal cruelty conundrum the production of many vaccines and medicines entails.


Though its sustainable and ethical roots are positive, they are not the top priority for many patients. Is CBD oil for inflammation effective? Through widespread use, anecdotal evidence, and empirical study, CBD oil for inflammation has been found to reduce pain and inflammation in users.

CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory regardless of the cause of the swelling. From illnesses to infections to chemotherapy-induced inflammation, CBD has been recognized as a high reward, low risk treatment option. Patients rarely complain about side effects, which even in the rare circumstances are mild and easily addressed by altering the strength of the treatment slightly. 


What are the benefits of CBD oil for inflammation? Chief Scientist Dr. Riggle says research is continuing to show that CBD and other cannabinoids can be extremely effective as anti-inflammatory agents. CBD helps reduce swelling in the nervous and vascular systems, arthritis inflammation and other situations. What’s more, its inflammation reducing properties can even lower the risk of cancer.

In addition to the therapeutic effects of CBD oil for inflammation, there are a number of compliance benefits too. CBD is available in a variety of forms – drops, edibles, cream, patch, suppository – allowing patients to choose from a number of convenient treatment options. CBD oil can also improve appetite, sense of well-being and supplement overall treatment.

Side effects are rare and mild; a slight change in formulation or method of ingestion can alleviate undesirable side effects. Finally, CBD oil is non-toxic and does not interfere with ongoing treatment.


Complete our assessment form to determine the correct dosage of CBD oil for epilepsy for you. If you want to find the right dose of CBD oil for inflammation yourself, follow a step-by-step dosing procedure. This involves determining a baseline dose and adjusting it over a course of a few days to reach the ideal dose.

Start with a small dose to establish a baseline. If after a few days the baseline dose provides adequate therapeutic effect, you can reduce the dose or keep it at the same level. If not, increase the dose slightly and observe for 3-4 days. Continue this process of increasing the dose till you achieve your desired level of results.

Note everybody is different, some people may require a larger dose while others will be fine with a smaller dose. Most people will find even low doses of CBD can deliver acceptable results, which is why it is important to start with a reasonably low dose. For best results, complete our assessment form.