Best cannabis oil for pain

There are far too many cannabis oils for pain that claim to be the best. We understand the frustrations of buyers as they go through trial-and-error to separate the best cannabis oil from the snake oil.

The right CBD and THC oil can greatly improve your quality of life, reducing pain and nausea, restoring appetite and treating your ailment. That’s why using ineffective oils is like playing with your health. Now, we are taking the guesswork of finding the right cannabis oil for pain management.

Remember, not every oil has the same effects for everyone, but the ones on this list are reputed for delivering real results.

Best CBD oils for pain

1. Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

One of the most recognizable CBD oils today is Charlotte’s Web. The oil is well known for relieving stress and supporting recovery. True to its name, it also promotes restful sleep. Charlotte’s Web oils are available in a variety of flavours, such as lemon, orange and mint chocolate.

Since it caters to a wide audience, its THC content is low; it cannot be considered an out-and-out pain reliving cannabis oil. That said you cannot go wrong with this tried and tested oil.

2. M-Series CBD and THC oils by CBD International

The M-Series CBD/THC cannabis oils shot to prominence when they provided ground-breaking cancer treatments and pain relief a few years ago. Since then the company has diversified its range of products enormously. Oils are available for many different medical conditions, pain relief and more.

M-Series oils offer:

  • A variety of THC and CBD concentrations
  • Fast-acting pain relief
  • No side effects
  • Patients can choose doses that suit their pain threshold level (PTL 1 – 4)

There are nine different CBD oil formulations to choose from, each addressing specific ailments. Remember also M-Series treatments are some of the most respected CBD/THC cancer treatments; now the company’s products are used for treating epilepsy in children, as approved by the EU and the UK’s NHS.

This is definitely a cannabis oil for pain alleviation you cannot go wrong with.

3. Royal CBD: Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Royal CBD’s oils sure live up to their title. Suspended in organic MCT oil, these offer excellent absorption into the body and numerous health benefits for the heart and brain. Royal CBD places a lot of emphasis on sustainable products and ethical consumption, a philosophy that extends to their sustainable packaging too. Their oils are effective but the premium positioning of the brand means the oils are not priced to everyone’s tastes.

4. CBDPure

CBDPure has taken a slightly different tact of reaching customers in the market. It couples some of the best cannabis oils with transparent marketing to show customers how its CBD oils are made. Their marketing material talks extensively about the gold color of the oil suggesting excellent quality and advanced filtration processes.

Like Charlotte’s Web, the company has great credibility, but the negligible amounts of THC in their oils makes them relatively less effective at pain relief. Even CBD concentrations are relatively low, in line with company’s more mass market approach, and offer mild pain relief.

Which cannabis oil have you found best for pain relief? What do you like about it? We want to hear from you. The feedback we receive from real patients has helped us develop new, more targeted CBD oils.

Tell us about your favourite CBD oil.