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CBD International – What you probably didn’t know

CBD International is a unique standalone organization devoted to developing and distributing Cannabis Oil – An Alternative Cancer Treatments Worldwide and nothing will stand in their way! With offices or research facilities in Spain, London, USA.

CBD International offers a vast array of treatment options for private registered members using a large network of distributors, their services are available for patients all around the world 24/7 with anonymity guaranteed.

CBD International is a leader in naturopathic cannabis oil treatments for cancer and pain relief. The organization developed specific cannabis oil extractions using state of the art technology and formulated those into MR-series and CO210R-series treatments. The organization also invests significant amounts of money in extensive research on the therapeutic effects of cannabis oil extract to various pathologies. It is important to state that cannabis oil treatment is safe and does not interfere with conventional treatment options, therefore it’s safe to use as adjuvant therapy.

To Date! CBD International has treated more than 18000 clients worldwide of which 3310 patients are children under the age of 18 with 2170 patients being under the age of 10 and astonishingly 43 under the age of 12 mo. CBD International is the largest if not the only organization offering Free Cannabis oil treatments to families with children fighting cancer regardless of nationality or household income.


Routes of administration- small things make all the difference!

To maximize the bioavailability and improve the safety profile of its remedies, the organization has developed different routes of administration for their medicines. All of their products can be consumed orally, inhaled, or taken in the form of suppositories.

The ideal route for administration depends on the patient’s preferences and (more importantly) the disease. For example, those who suffer from constipation or have tumour mass in the rectum are not the best candidates for suppositories. In terms of bioavailability and reduction of the psychogenic effects of cannabis oil, suppositories are the best solution, while the oral intake provides the lowest amount of active ingredients in the bloodstream (as the medicine is absorbed in the upper portions of the intestines after swallowing, before reaching target tissues, it reaches the liver first, which inactivates significant amount of it). This limitation is not reserved for cannabis oil extracts only, it’s the phenomena known as the “first-pass effect” and affects the bioavailability of almost all medicines doctors prescribe today.

The treatment protocols

The treatment protocols CBD International provides for their clients, include a lot more than just distribution of cannabis oil. Each of their clients goes through a thorough assessment after which the client gets a treatment plan designed specifically for him or her.

Patients with acute or chronic pain

Although the organization is well-known for its alternative cancer treatments, their mission does not end there. Other than cancer patients, they treat those with acute and chronic pain as well. The therapy of pain is one of the most challenging areas of medicine (as the amount of elderly and the incidence of degenerative and rheumatoid diseases increases, more and more people suffer pain which does not respond well to the conventional treatment, or the treatment causes serious side effects).

Cancer patients

Depending on how much cancer has spread, CBD International divided their patients into three categories:

Patients with advanced-stage cancer

The category includes those who have so-called distant metastases and are considered incurable according to the estimations of classical medicine. Patients on palliative care fall into this category.

Patients with intermediate-stage cancer

The category includes those who are considered potentially curable according to the estimations of classical medicine. Limited spread of cancer (regional lymph nodes and local dissemination of cancer).

Patients with early-stage cancer

This category includes patients whose cancer has not spread, it’s localized, and there is no detectable distant nor local dissemination of cancer. According to the classical medicine estimations those patients are considered likely curable.

The treatment protocols are worked out in detail – assessing the patient takes into consideration the type of cancer as well (some cancers are more aggressive, progress faster, and require more aggressive treatments than others).

Another important aspect of the CBD International treatment approach is that every patient gets the therapy tailored specifically for him. In general, it’s not a secret that different people react differently to cannabis oil treatment. Depending on the cancer stage, localization, route of administration, individual characteristics (enzyme profile of the liver, for example), the effects of the treatment vary from “no response” to ‘remission’. To make the “no response” group smaller, the CBD International team of health professionals discuss and pick the right approach for each of their clients.


M Series is a product line that combines specific concentrations of CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) to achieve different therapeutic effects. This way, each patient gets an individualized treatment tailored to his or her condition. The final decision on which formulation to use depends on the assessment performed by the CBD International team. Besides other diseases, each of the formulations in the M-Series can alleviate the pain to a certain (well researched) extent.

Ongoing research has helped CBD International develop targeted CBD and THC cancer treatment protocols. Formulations are available targeting specific cancer types and the pain management the patient expects. M-Series treatments are now available in grades of M1-M2, M3-M4, M5-M6, M7, M8 and M9, each with a pre-set CBD : THC concentration for optimum treatment and pain reduction.

The treatment results

CBD International conducted several research studies about the effectiveness of their medications and all of them showed encouraging results not only for cancer patients but for those with acute or chronic pain as well- more than 70% of patients report improvement (subjective, objective, or both).

Having in mind that most of the patients turn to cannabis oil treatment after all conventional treatment options have been exhausted, the 70% improvement is an astonishing result.

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There are numerous studies published in PubMed, one of the world’s most respected medical journals, discussing the verifiable cancer treatment effects of CBD.

  • A 2019 trial determined through in vitro and in vivo studies into pancreatic cancer that CBD and THC helped slow tumor growth, reduced tumor invasion and even induced tumor cell death. (Potential Use of Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer; J Pancreat Cancer, 2019)
  • Another study found that CBD was able to invoke cell death, making glioblastoma cells more susceptible to radiation treatment without affecting healthy cells in the body. CBD was thus shown to enhance the efficacy of traditional cancer treatments.
    (Inhibition of ATM kinase upregulates levels of cell death induced by cannabidiol and γ-irradiation in human glioblastoma cells; Oncotarget, 2019)
  • A large and extended duration trial by California Men’s Health Study found strong links between cannabis use and reduced risk of bladder cancer. The study evaluated over 84,000 participants.
    (Association between cannabis use and the risk of bladder cancer: results from the California Men’s Health Study; PubMed, 2015)