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Fight the flu the smart way in 2020…with THC oil

cbd international fight the flu the smart way in 2020 thc oil

Global interest in cannabis’ medicinal properties is rising, and the ongoing global pandemic has just catalysed the process. Cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties have steered the medical debate around it towards its potential efficacy in aiding the treatment procedures for common ailments like flu and common cold; with certain experts also attempting to test out the naturally occurring plant’s effectiveness in battling more serious conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

In fact, the ‘inflammatory response’ is nothing but our body’s way of fighting off external pathogens; our body engineers this inflammatory response to create a safer and swifter route for our white blood cells (WBC) to reach the affected sites. Thus, it is a ‘necessary evil’; but one which usually causes a great deal of inconvenience and discomfort to us. Cytokines, a type of signalling molecules or ‘ligands’, play a key part in these inflammatory responses. But if these signalling molecules are produced by our body in excessive amounts, they can produce a ‘cytokine storm’ or an overactive inflammatory response; which can be detrimental to a conventional treatment procedure. Fortunately, CBD and THC, two most common cannabinoids, have shown promising signs of restricting cytokine production.

However, many people still believe that the benefits of cannabis can only be experienced by smoking it; a notion which is not true, since several other effective ways of consuming cannabis or receiving cannabis treatment have been developed, like cannabis-infused teas, cannabis oils and cannabis capsules. In fact, smoking cannabis when you’re down with a cold or flu can increase your discomfort, as its smoke can cause irritation to the lining of your nasal passage, and thereby prolong your recovery time.

How THC oil helps fight the flu

Cannabis oil is an emerging product in domestic and international markets as it is gaining recognition for its medicinal value, versatility and ease of application and ingestion. Although it is available in several variants; the most widely consumed options are THC oil and CBD oil. While both variants provide relief from the pain and nausea caused by a flu; the key difference between the two variants is that THC oil provides you with the ‘high’ we commonly associate with smoking cannabis, but CBD oil doesn’t.

This factor in fact plays in favour of THC oil, as the ‘high’ produced by the cannabis also relaxes our body and mind to a large extent, often resulting in us sleeping soundly. Since there is no medicinal cure to a flu; the only way we recover from it is by affording our immune system the chance and the energy to defeat the virus and eradicate it from our system. Thus, most doctors recommend you to sleep or take bed rest when you’re down with the flu; and THC oil can help you to a great extent by expediting your immune system’s fight against the virus.

THC oil dosage for flu

Employing cannabis treatment, and THC oil in particular also makes sense on other accounts; as THC oil, which can be applied or ingested, also provides relief from other flu symptoms like body ache, muscle spasms and loss of appetite. However, as is the case with every medicinal procedure; moderation is key, since excessive application of THC oil can cause undesirables effects such as dizziness or low-blood pressure.

In conclusion, even though THC oil doesn’t promise to completely eradicate the virus from your system and the global medical fraternity hasn’t succeeded in creating a ‘THC cure’ as of yet, there’s ample evidence which supports the claim that if used wisely, THC oil can bring one great relief from flu symptoms!